Wellbeing coach and Mindfulness trainer.

Hi, my name is Catherine Martire-Wright. Working as a Wellbeing Coach and Mindfulness and Meditation trainer is due to my journey of reversing Fibromyalgia, depression and then finally chronic fatigue.

Achieving this goal was not easy, and it took a lot of determination.
However, I got to the other side by using a holistic approach which enabled me to look at my health both internally and externally.

I found that I was continually worried, had extremely low self-esteem, my diet was not the best, plus my emotions were controlling my day.

Hence my purpose now is to help other women, who are also suffering from that feeling of life being out of control. 

Whether it be *weight issues, *stress, *anxiety, *low energy levels, *chronic fatigue, *fibromyalgia, *physical fitness, *mindset, or overall *life satisfaction.

I offer solutions that can deal with emotional, mental and physical issues holistically.

I’m the founder of Whole Food Believer, which I have now rebranded to:-

‘Wellbeing Mindset Warrior”

Wellbeing coaching can:

Help you with your personal health goals, and give you a personalised formula to work with your obstacles that are hindering your health and lifestyle choices.  

It is a practical and systematic way of improving your wellbeing on a weekly basis. 

  • If you are you looking for one on one support?
  • Considering, a weekly goal system?
  • Need a process that you can implement immediately?
  • A system that gives you strategies straight away?

Let’s talk



wellbeing-coach-fibromyalgia-chronic-fatigue Working with your values.


wellbeing-coaching ‘I was stressed and overworked’. Striving for that nearly unachievable ‘everything needs to be perfect’ state. Catherine was warm, approachable and understanding and helped me identify what was holding me back and what was causing me stress!  She showed me how to overcome my ‘mental’ hurdles.  Find time for myself in my busy schedule (and not to feel guilty about it) and enjoy my life and go with the flow. Thanks to Catherine my favourite sentence ‘I really SHOULD….‘ is rarely said! I can highly recommend Catherine!

wellbeing-coaching Catherine, thank you, thank you, thank you for your compassion, guidance and knowledge during my program. Anyone wanting to make changes to their health and not sure where to start; I would highly Recommend Catherine, her work is fantastic!! 

I feel better in more levels than I thought possible. X keep doing what you do lovely soul. 




Vision, Plan and Live

  • Four x 1 hour weekly sessions
  • Delivered face to face or via Skype
  • Bring your wellness vision into reality
  • Design your ‘wellbeing’ plan
  • Prepare a weekly wellness plan
  • Create daily actions that fit into your lifestyle and empower you
  • Brainstorming your challenges
  • Provide choices for success
  • Email support 

Wellbeing Overhaul

  • 12 x 1 hourly weekly sessions
  • Delivered face to face or via Skype
  • Bring your ‘wellness vision’ into reality
  • Design your ‘wellbeing’ plan
  • Prepare weekly goals that work
  • Create daily actions that fit your lifestyle and empower you
  • Implement strategies to harness your obstacles
  • Build your confidence with knowledge
  • Email support  

Wellbeing intro session

  • One FREE 20-minute consultation
  • Delivered face to face or via Skype
  • Design your wellness vision
  • Brainstorm the obstacles that are holding you back
  • Look for ways to implement new habits that suit you
  • Find your routine to wellness.
  • Feel how support can help you flourish


Find out which program is best suited for you.