Kasia did a 4 week program. Her lifestyle had changed dramaticly since the birth of her 1st child. She decided to get help to help her move from business woman to mum. Her days are less stressful and she enjoys her down time unconditionally.

Mental Hurdles. I had a 4 sessions with Catherine to discuss a few aspects of my life. As I was stressed and overworked and striving for that nearly unachievable 'everything needs to be perfect' state. She was so warm, approachable and understanding and helped me identify what was holding me back and caused me stress, she showed me how to overcome my 'mental' hurdles, find time for myself in my busy schedule (and not to feel guilty about it) and just enjoy my life and go with the flow. Since then I am more relaxed and I simply enjoy spending time with my toddler even if the house is a mess and dinner is not ready. Some things are more important than others, and some things can definitely wait. Thanks to Catherine my favourite sentence 'I really SHOULD....' is only used by me a few times a week as opposed to several times a day as before, causing me lots of stress when things were on done when planned. I can highly recommend Catherine!

Leanne did a 12 week program. The program was tailored to her needs. When I met Leanne she had gone down every avenue that was possible.

Take my power back!. "I chose to work with Catherine because I really liked her friendly, positive energy and her complete understanding of living with a chronic illness. She helped me by changing the way I looked at food, and how I connected with myself and my medical condition. Catherine offered support and gentle guidance to help me navigate from a feeling of helplessness and frustration with the medical profession and my illness, to realizing that I can take my power back and help myself. The result was a completely different mindset and self-empowerment, that not only brought better physical health, but improved mental health and clarity too. One thing I liked about Catherine’s approach was the lack of judgement, and complete acceptance and understanding Catherine was able to offer. She often drew on her own experiences which I found really helpful, and therefore manifested in more of a connectedness. I found the experience to be rewarding, positive and enlightening, and I would thoroughly recommend Catherine to people who need a mentor or guidance to help navigate through the haze to wellness.

Julia did a 4 week program.She knew that her kitchen was the most important room of her house. But needed help organising, so that young family could bloosm. At that time of our session she was dreaming of a 3rd child...the picture tells says it all.

Desperate Help. I went to 'whole food believer' because I needed some desperate help in getting organised in the kitchen. Also, some good food advice to help me manage depression, anxiety and ADHD. Catherine was amazingly helpful. I learned a lot from her during our time together and got organised and healthy. Thanks, Catherine

Jan did a 4 week program. She is photo shy..But had been told that lifestyle changes had to happen. Her diagnoses was Pre-Diabetes, she did not have weight loss on her program. However the introduction of her old favourite foods saw her lose 8 kgs.

Needed guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend Catherine to anyone seeking guidance with nutrition and food in general, as her knowledge is vast. Catherine was able to guide me in making the changes I needed to my diet even though I was reluctant to do so. She made the transition as easy and smooth as possible.

Samara did a 4 week program. After doing a workshop she decided enough was enough...She needed ME time. However as a actor,mum, wife and a full time student. She needed help. With a weekly plan, her days became less stressful.

Fresh Mindset. Catherine is such an amazing women; a true inspiration and a strong mentor when you need a pick me up! I thoroughly enjoyed attending Catherine's stress management workshop last week and being equipped with new tools and a fresh mindset for managing stress.

Tracey did a 5 week program. As a sole business operator, wife and mum. Tracey desire was to be a great role model to her children. To give them the tools for the best possible nutrition even if you work.

Compassion, guidance and knowledge. Catherine, thank you, thank you, thank you for your compassion, guidance and knowledge during my program. Anyone wanting to make changes to their health and not sure where to start; I would highly Recommend Catherine, her work is fantastic!! I feel better in more levels than I thought possible. X keep doing what you do lovely soul

Celia attended one of my workshops. She is a professional that works in a high stress industry. With long hours she knew that her stress levels had to be redirected so that her health did not suffer.

Saved my Sanity. I did one of Catherine's workshops (Your Marvellous Mind) and found it really beneficial and insightful. I feel armed with a deeper knowledge of loving me and achieving the things I want in life for a much healthier and happier version of myself. I would definitely attend other workshops in future. Fantastic workshop. I've had some of the most hectic work schedule recently and I think having done your workshop has absolutely saved my sanity during this time. Thanks for the new outlook on life.

Kim atteneded one of my workshops. She is a professional musician, teacher, student and mum, grandmother. With all of the day to day stresses that we have. Her break though was letting go of expectations that she had placed on herself.

Practical Solutions. Great workshop today Catherine. Very down to earth with many succinct and practical solutions to the stress problem. Thank you Catherine