I am no different than you!

My battle with Fibromyalgia began over 20 years ago, and there soon after other health issues such as Chronic Fatigue and Depression followed.

I grew up in Waverley, Sydney, Australia, on a park with a daily routine of being outside. My childhood was happy and very active, swimming, surfing, roller skating, and tree climbing, snow skiing in the winter (yes lucky indeed).

My parents ran a small business, in Bondi Beach and The Rocks. Life was always active in ‘doing’ and learning new activities. 

Working from age 15 yrs, I left home to work in the ski industry, at 17.

It was fun, but for me very lonely.

Experiencing the continuation of being bullied by my peers as I was in school, work was a place for me to shine on one hand, and be intimidated on another.

I never felt that I belonged! I started to feel even more isolated than in my childhood. However, I had no one to turn to but myself. I closed myself down.

My emotional state was a mess, and I was experiencing extreme bodily pain, dark moods, anxiety attacks, self-loathing, weight gain and no interest in life and extreme fatigue.

So I numbed my daily life with drugs and alcohol.

Ten years on I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, then depression and finally chronic fatigue.

Along the way, I reached 108kgs at my heaviest!

My life had completely turned around from being active, working hard, playing hard to struggling to get by day to day.

Unable to do up my shoelaces or hold a glass of water. All of my strength was gone!

Emotionally I was beyond approach, continually crying, with anxiety attacks a central part of my day.

My sleeping patterns consisted of 40 mins of sleep and 30 mins awake for five years, that was my standard!!

With the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, I had a profound ‘knowing’ that I was doing something that was creating havoc in my body.

Little did I know that this ‘knowing’ would lead me on a journey of self-development, self-awareness, resilience, and a holistic view of myself and how to care for myself.

That path led me, to consolidate my previous education and employment career, as a commercial chef, Ski Instructor for abled and disabled persons, Adult Trainer and Facilitator for the unemployed, and finally in becoming a Qualified Lifestyle, Food and Wellness coach. 

I studied with Cadence Health and Wellness Coaching Australia.

I had a challenge which gave me a choice, that led me to an opportunity to create my vision, prepare a plan and put that plan into action, to produce the desired results to find the ‘real me.’

8 years apart externally and light years apart internally
Fibromyalgia and yoga
You can be confident that your health and lifestyle will greatly improve!