Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer


Catherine offers Eight-week Mindfulness and Meditation courses on the Central Coast.

The course covers learning the theoretical aspects of mindfulness from a scientific perspective, how to meditate, and the different informal and formal practices of mindfulness.

Catherine also offers drop-in meditation classes on the Central Coast.


Mindfulness & Meditation course

The Eight-week Mindfulness and Meditation Course is delivered by Catherine who has been living mindfully for the past 20 years and brings knowledge of mindfulness through her journey of reversing Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and depression in a open and heartfelt manner.

The course itself is broken down into eight units. Each week progresses through the units:- Attention and the Now, Automaticity, Judgement, Acceptance, Compassion, Goals, The Ego and the final week is the integration of all of the units.

Each week the attendees discover how their everyday mental thoughts, beliefs and actions create either harmony or dis-harmony.

Catherine also introduces different meditations as the course progresses. All attendees receive a series of meditations that can fit into anyones lifestyle. The weekly class is supported with a powerpoint presentation and very week the attendee receives a workbook, which ensures that this course is for everybody who wants to look internally, no matter how you learn.

This interactive course is designed to equip the attendee with the foundations of mindful living which can, enhance memory, lower stress, build resilience, support creativity, slow the aging process, create strong communication, and create choices that benefit a healthy way of living.                                                                                                  For more info contact Catherine at  catherinemartirewright@gmail.com

Courses, classes and retreats

Mindfulness & Meditation course

The Eight-week mindfulness & meditation course can be found in two locations on the Central Coast. The curriculum follows scientific research and has no religious dogma.  

Woy Woy Women’s Health Centre. Starting on Friday the 19th of October at 9.30am-12pm. The last class finishing on the 7th of December. This course is subsidised, by the Peninsula Women’s Health. Centre. https://www.facebook.com/events/320245715450146/ 

Sun Space Studio, Budgewoi. Starting on the 17th of October at 10am-12.30pm. The cost is $360 workbook and meditations supplied (on a USB) or $280 all workbooks and meditations emailed directly to your inbox.  https://www.facebook.com/events/338814030014295/

Or email Catherine for more information catherinemartirewright@gmail.com


Meditation classes offered at two locations on the Central Coast. These classes have no religious dogma and are suitable for all. 

Woy Woy Women’s Health Centre. Tuesday mornings at 10 am – 11 am starting on the 16th of October till the 4th of December. All classes are drop-in classes all welcome. Cost $10 https://www.facebook.com/events/337822790113148/

Sun Space Studio, Budgewoi. Wednesday Mornings at 8.45am-9. 45 am and start on the 17th of October till the 5th of December. All classes are drop-in class all welcome. Cost $10 https://www.facebook.com/events/1137343586424041/


This one day retreat is for the Ladies, on the 28th of October 9.30am till 4 pm.

Sun Space Studio Budgewoi, offers the perfect venue to connect, and relax.

This retreat will enable you to learn what habits are holding you back in your lifestyle right now. While creating a personalised wellbeing plan that will improve your relationship with yourself and your health. 

You’ll learn tools such as meditation, mindfulness, naturopathic nutrition to support YOUR body. Plus how to use natural medicine such as herbs to promote emotional and physical health, and much more!

Our intention with this retreat is for you to leave with a feeling of calmness and for you to become the driver of your life.

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