Personal Wellbeing coach

As a Wellbeing coach I can  inspire, guide and empower you in the methods that helped me reverse Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue.

We will work together brainstorming, what will work for you! We will start where you are most comfortable and feel most positive.

You will experience empathetic and compassionate advice from someone who has regained their health from Fibromyalgia.

Why not work with someone who truly understands what life is like with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue?

  • By utilising motivational techniques, we will implement small and achievable weekly goals that are suited to you. Begin de-stressing your life so you have more energy.
  • You will have a step by step approach to wellness, that I have personally followed for the past 20 years.
  • I will monitor your weekly goals to ensure you are accountable. I can support you in how to relieve your symptoms of fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. We will work together to tackle the everyday obstacles that are in the way of you living a pain free life.
  • You will experience empathetic and compassionate advice from someone who has regained their health from Fibromyalgia.

Let’s talk if you’re experiencing:

  • Difficulty just getting out of bed in the mornings

  • All over body pain doing everyday tasks & nothing relieves the pain

  • You’re moving around like your grandparents
  • Constant tiredness and have no energy
  • Sleep that is neither refreshing/sound or deep
  • Mental confusion having conversations with friends and family?
  • Being just too tired to make the effort to start a conversation or surround yourself with family and friends

As your wellness consultant
I will assist leading YOU to:-

  • Improving your energy levels
  • Decrease your pain levels
  • Improve your sleep time
  • Establishing easy day to day habits that are realistic and achievable
  • Finding your wellness balance in your lifestyle, that will help you toward a full life with your family and friends once again
  • Start enjoying life again