Automatic behaviours and your healing.

Let’s face it we all have automatic behaviours. However, the question is, do you realise how much your automatic responses keep you in a place that serves you no purpose? If you are continually choosing unhealthy foods, even though you want to lose weight, not exercising, even though you feel great when you do. Continue

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Fibromyalgia and exercise

 Fibromyalgia and exercise Before Fibromyalgia I was a gym junkie, I walked for 1 hour every day, and I had heaps of energy and I was super strong. However, my body stopped responding to exercise and I found that I could not exercise anymore. I was in too much pain and I was so fatigued that

Fibromyalgia and mindfulness

Fibromyalgia and mindfulness When dealing with the acute pain from Fibromyalgia, mindfulness is a way to redirect our thoughts and ultimately reduce physical and mental turmoil. Fibromyalgia and mindfulness enabled me to start moving forward in my healing. Fibromyalgia and mindfulness for me is a process of separating the pain and mental anguish to a

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Food and Fibromyalgia

Food and Fibromyalgia the way forward. From personal experience food has played a major role in the reversing of Fibromyalgia for me. I can not emphasize the importance of the relationship between Food and Fibromyalgia for recovery enough. We are all brought up with different views on food and what is best for us. Unfortunately