How to solve the biggest problems with Mindfulness


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Yes, I know it is a big call! So let me explain.
We are all lead to the misconception that we have no control over what is going on, and more so it is up to another to ‘fix it’.
There is always someone, generally ourselves, that is. That tells us, ‘yeah it is not right or fair, but that’s just how it is these days’!
We all have many of the same issues happening to us all, at one stage or another in our lives. That is a fact.
However, it is the way that you process and react that makes the difference in your internal dialogue and processing.
Think of it this way, when you say or think. It is ‘their’ fault that this is happening.’
Bingo you have just done two things.
1. You have pointed the finger to someone else (judgement, nonacceptance) Judged the situation through your lens, your belief system. Which means you have confined the ‘situation’ to a tiny box (your box) in other words, a friend or stranger (for that matter) would see the situation in a completely different way!
2. You have stepped out of the ‘now’ the story/thought that you had built your reaction on is from either a past scenario or a future based mindset. You know the feeling. The situation is happening right in front of you, and you get that feeling that you have had before, your mind slips back to that moment. You are now not ‘in’ the moment; you are not experiencing the reality of the moment. Alternatively, your thoughts go to ‘I knew this was going to happen’, ‘why doesn’t anyone else see how it should be’. You again are not ‘in’ the moment; you are not experiencing ‘reality.’ You have boxed the situation!
With that said. How different do you think your day would be if you.
Started to listen ‘mindfully’ allowed yourself to let the situation to unfold without ‘doing’ anything?
You can then hear and see the situation as it is, yes there are big bad, horrible things that happen. That is life, but how many of those situations do you make into big hairy crappy moments?
The fact is the more you engage in ‘mindful’ listening, the more you will notice:
1. The problem is not that big and bad, and you have other avenues to create a solution.
2. Moreover, your resilience has become stronger, and you can handle life’s most significant issues a whole lot easier.
I know that you will find as I have, that you will have less challenging moments in your day, better connections, and a hell of a lot more energy.
It is the small steps, which we take that, become lifestyle choices. Also, it is these small tweaks which open up a whole new dimension to experiencing life.
Mindful listening is a choice and an opportunity to create more balance and to experience life ‘as it is’.

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