Automatic behaviours and your healing.


A healthy mindset enables you to heal quicker

Let’s face it we all have automatic behaviours.

However, the question is, do you realise how much your automatic responses keep you in a place that serves you no purpose?

If you are continually choosing unhealthy foods, even though you want to lose weight, not exercising, even though you feel great when you do. Continue to have reactive communications with others, that you love, respect or work with. Plus all those thoughts negative internal conversations with yourself.

Then you are reacting from a sub-conscious level. Let me explain it like this.

Have you ever noticed that you react to a particular situation precisely the same way every time?

Let’s say it is trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and even though you know that your health will improve and that you will lose weight. You do not seem to be able to break the pattern of buying processed/fast food meals.

This is because your automatic behaviour is your pre-programmed way of thinking. Your thinking probably goes something like this.

‘I am so hungry, what can I eat? Oh damn, I didn’t bring my lunch! I will just grab my usual and bring my lunch tomorrow’.

Then later, when you get home.

Your thought pattern continues ….

‘I am too tired and busy to prepare my meals at home, and I do not have time to shop either so what is the use’. ‘I am destined to be fat.’

That thought process is your automatic behaviour, which is also linked to your judgement, that you are too busy to make any changes. And only people who are very organised can take their own lunch to work or cook dinner at night. Working people are to busy to worry about their food choices!

When we start to connect our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations to our ‘automatic behaviours’ we begin to become aware that our thoughts are not real and we are not that thought or emotion and that we have the power to choose and change that automatic behaviour!

When we step back and observe the ‘thought’, about the story in our head, we then can make a different choice.

Stepping back is a simple process of bringing your attention to the moment, with your breath. By creating space, you can then start to make different choices. This allows you to bring yourself into the moment.

You are the one in charge of your decisions, you are the one who controls your thought process. No one else can do that for you.

When you want to make a conscious decision, you must stop and take control of your thoughts.

Not allow your thoughts to control you.

This process is not complicated, it takes repetitiveness, and dedication from you.


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