Fibromyalgia and mindfulness

Fibromyalgia and mindfulness

When dealing with the acute pain from Fibromyalgia, mindfulness is a way to redirect our thoughts and ultimately reduce physical and mental turmoil. Fibromyalgia and mindfulness enabled me to start moving forward in my healing.


Being surrounded by nature in a quite place, is a great way to settle in to listening to your breath.

Fibromyalgia and mindfulness for me is a process of separating the pain and mental anguish to a settled mindset. It is my ‘go to mindset’.

I noticed that if I just sat and listened to a bird or watched my dog playing, or listened to soothing music I felt much better.


Fibromyalgia and mindfulness in the beginning.

I am not talking about the sitting meditation stage. I am talking about the beginning phase of change and being present in the now, not the past or the future.

So I began by breaking up my day into chunks task by task. I found that if I mentally spoke about my pain as I did a task the pain was terrible. So I said to myself I will change the way I approach this task and only concentrate on this task and my breathing. The task was then less painful and tiring.

Being mindful is being present in the now. If you can consider that thoughts are are nothing more than thoughts, and that you have the power to choose your thoughts you are well on your way to being mindful and improving your wellness.

Creating a space with Fibromyalgia for mindfulness.

Lets look at your morning. That way your day can begin with a new routine which will establish and lead to a new habit of wellness.


WholeFoodBeliever_ArrowEstablish what sounds calm you in the mornings is it nature, music or silence.

WholeFoodBeliever_ArrowWhat can you look at that calms you for example a tree, animal, the sunrise or a picture.

WholeFoodBeliever_ArrowAsk yourself what are you going to do first, what ever it is do that task with complete focus on that task only, and your breath.


This is a simple but effective method, for you to begin daily mindful practices. For more infomation on incorporating mindfulness into your day, please contact me.

Yours in Wellness

Catherine X











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