Food and Fibromyalgia

Food and Fibromyalgia the way forward.

From personal experience food has played a major role in the reversing of Fibromyalgia for me. I can not emphasize the importance of the relationship between Food and Fibromyalgia for recovery enough.

We are all brought up with different views on food and what is best for us. Unfortunately the foods that are on offer today are highly processed and the human body cannot process it or use it as fuel to rebuild or strengthen our amazing bodies. Fibromyalgia and food go hand in hand to reversing and regaining your health.

Food and Fibromyalgia and what is best to eat. 

That is why I made the change to eating whole foods only. Yes I have the occasional pre-made food such as rice crackers. However on the whole 99% of my diet is made up of fresh whole foods.

I did not do a complete turn around over night, I did it slowly for 2 reasons;

  1. so I could see if what I was eating was making my Fibromyalgia worse, and
  2. ‘I’ just like you, did not want to give up my “favourite foods”

So on one hand I had a core belief nagging at me. There had to be something that I was eating that was contributing to my body being so unwell. The other was a core belief that I did eat what what was regarded as a healthy diet.



When foods are in a liquid form it is easier for the nutrients to be absorbed. My smoothie bowls are made with whole foods, taste great and are cheap and easy to make.

Changing old habits and making new routines.

When we want to learn a new task we learn it step by step, and we start at the beginning. So incorporating a new wellness habit into our daily lives is no different. The first thing we do to fuel our bodies for the day is breakfast so that is the best place to start.

If you consider making 2 list

WholeFoodBeliever_Arrowwhat you eat for breakfast

WholeFoodBeliever_Arrow fresh foods that you like and enjoy for breakfast but do not eat normally.


Now that you have a list of other foods, look at adding those fresh foods to the breakfast that you eat now. You might see that you can make a different meal with all fresh ingredients.


The best way to start is to begin on your day off not a working day. That way you will have more time and be more focused. This is a simple and easy task for you to begin your journey to wellness.


Yours in Wellness

Catherine x

For more information and guidance on Food and Fibromyalgia contact me


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Food and Fibromyalgia play a huge rule to your recovery

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